3 Smart Ways And 3 Not-So-Smart Ways To Find A Good Roofer

Scrambling to find a good roofing contractor is the last thing you want to have to do when you find out you need a new roof. Knowing how to find the right roofer to hire can be challenging and confusing, so knowing what not to do is valuable. Below are a few smart ways to find yourself a reliable roofing company, plus some not so smart things to avoid in the process.

1. Asking for a referral
First off, ask around for referrals to a roofing company that friends, family, or acquaintances had a recent positive experience using. Perhaps you have a neighbor who has replaced their roof; asking about the experience they had with the contractor who did the work can provide valuable insight. If you don’t have the option of asking friends and neighbors for their opinions, try asking your realtor or mortgage loan lender who they would recommend for the job. Professionals in real estate and the related fields typically have contacts in areas of home improvement they will happily refer you to. And, if all else fails, internet searches can pinpoint roofing professionals in your area. Some websites even have handy ratings and customer feedback displayed to make finding options simple.

2. Shopping around
Once you have a few contractors in mind, feel free to Roofing Repair compare and contrast them. Ask about their pricing, get a proposed timeline for the project, get an estimate for the material they plan to use, ask if the contractors have client references they can provide. Gather all the information you can about each company, and then compare them to each other. Comparing contractors can help make your decision easy; for example, if one roofer is running a special but another has better client reviews it may end up being more cost-effective in the long run to go with the trusted company.

3. Checking licenses & insurance
When considering roofers, ask to review their licenses and insurance. An internet search of your state’s licensing requirements will prepare you to know what documents a roofer should have. A reputable contractors should have the appropriate license and insurance information on hand and be eager to give you proof.

Not So Smart:
1. Putting up with poor communication
An important but often overlooked aspect of hiring a contractor is your comfort level with the contractor’s communication. You shouldn’t feel any pressure from your contractor, you shouldn’t feel talked down to, and the roofing expert you hire should be able to take the time to explain their process in layman’s terms. You don’t want to enter into a roofing contract with a company whose communication is irksome.

2. Neglecting to get a guarantee
It’s good to know a company guarantees their work ahead of time. If a company you are interested doesn’t have a policy in place for the occasional dissatisfied customer, consider it a red flag. On the other hand, you may be surprised to learn the company you like wouldn’t call a job finished unless you were completely happy with the results. Ask for the guarantee.

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