2012 Survival – Solar Flares, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Food Shortages

December 21, 2012 is a little less than two years away from Armageddon. What will happen on this ill-fated day? Will the human race face annihilation? Will the Earth be destroyed? What are your chances for survival? How can we survive the economic collapse that is now enveloping most of the developed world,
and for sure in the USA and most European Nations?

These questions and more are explained in detail. This program sheds light on the signs and occurrences leading up to the predicted day that could possibly change life on earth as we know it.

This in depth information begins with the prophecies of the Mayan Calendar created almost 5,000 years ago. Then it progresses to the prospect of solar flares which could lead to massive power grid failures, escalating volcano eruptions, climate changes possibly induced by volcanic gases, an increase in earthquakes, and more intense asteroid bombardment.

In fact, numerous other cultures from the four corners of the earth have also connected with the prediction of mass earth changing events, such as the Aztecs, Hopi, I Ching, and the Egyptians, while in the bible, we have the Book of Revelations, to name just a few. Also, we have the prophets, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce. All are in agreement there will be life changing events.

Survivors would also have to face famine and plague. They would be compelled to seek shelter in caves and mountains as more than 33% of earths population would be destroyed. Another destructive scenario could be geomagnetic reversal which would increase solar radiation to extremely dangerous levels.

The final and most horrifying effect of 2012 is a cosmic collision which could come about from a direct hit from a large comet or an asteroid. Another possibility is a near miss by Nibiru, or planet X, as it enters our solar system. A collision of this magnitude could eject the Earth from its axis and cause a polar shift. One other possibility would be man himself, launching a nuclear crisis. Aside from the radiation, the Sun could be blocked out from the fallout dust and cause a serious change in climate and would lead to a nuclear winter. A catastrophe of this size could produce a mortality of over 90%.

To ensure human survival advanced planning and preparation is essential. Survival shelters and basement shelters should be strongly considered to preserve human life and safety. Among the necessities are survival food, pure water, and planting survival seeds to generate your own food supply and coping with food shortages, planting 100 year crops, and making your own yeast for bread.

Protection and preservation of your home and property can be prepper food enhanced by installing a means of alternative energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Another important topic is survival gear, where you determine what you should prepare in advance to take with you to sustain life and keep your family safe.

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